Call to Arms is Back!

We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing call to arms back! While under new management, we are still working closely with the Old Dominion Military Society (ODMS) to bring an excellent fall convention. This time, we are focusing more on fantasy and science fiction, but that does not mean that historicals will be absent! 

Pay heed and answer the call to arms! 

Date – October 7th – 9th 

LocationClarion Hotel Williamsburg I-64

Cost – Only $25.00 Until October 1st, then $30.00 after that


CAll to arms is owned and operated by the Southeastern Tabletop Gaming Organization (SETGO) LLC. We will observe general Covid-19 protocols in accordance with state recommendations. Masking is encouraged, but not required. If you are sick, please do not attend. See you soon!